PRESS RELEASE 15-08-2018

On August 17, 2017, now 1 year ago, a van drove into unsuspecting visitors on the crowded Ramblas, where men, women and children were admiring the splendor of Barcelona.

At five meters from where the van came to a standstill, because it could not continue due to the terrible load that it dragged under its wheels, stood the Dutch flamenco singer Luna Zegers.

The sounds, the images, the fear in the eyes of the people around her hit her very hard. In the hectic rush of the fleeing crowd she found a safe shelter in a hotel nearby. Together with others she was locked up for hours in the area closed off by the police.

Today, August 15, 2018, after a year of confusing dreams, involuntary freak reactions to loud noises, fears and especially disbelief, Luna comes with her reaction. A song that she wrote together with producer Jack Tarradellas and that they dedicate to all victims of that black day.

After Luna’s album Entre Dos Mundos (2017) and her autobiographical book Solo (2017), this is the first new work that comes out of her hand.

The song is her processing, her reaction to the event of that tragic day.
Now, a year later, Cauce de Lágrimas is her manifesto.

Luna graduated ‘cum laude’ (with honours) as a jazz singer at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2010). Fascinated by Spanish flamenco singing, she went to Barcelona to study flamenco song. Here she graduated with high marks in 2015 as the first foreign student.

Luna lives and works in both Amsterdam and Barcelona.

On Friday, August 17, 2018, a short commemoration will take place at 10.30 am on the Ramblas, announced by the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau.

For more information: / / +34600944557


Photo: Mireia Rodriguez

My new album “Entre Dos Mundos” will be released next weekend, with two concerts at the prestigious Flamenco Biënnale NL! On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of January we present the cd with concerts at various wonderful venues, see my concert agenda for more info!

Luna Zegers - Entre Dos Mundos

Het Cenakel in Tilburg organises a New Year’s concert on Sunday January 8th and asked Luna to perform an all Spanish program.  The combination of classical Spanish songs and flamenco song has not been heard often within one and the same concert, and certainly not in the Netherlands.

The classical songs, written by composers Federico García Lorca and Manuel de Falla, who both had a strong love for flamenco, present a heartwarming start of the new year. Add some flamenco to that and 2017 takes off energetically. Happy New Year! 🙂


Luna Zegers – voice

Vicente Santiago – flamenco guitar

Claudio Spieler – percussion

Irene Álvarez – flamenco dance

Dutch television channel NET5 recently broadcasted a small portrait of Luna because of her 5th place on the “VIVA400” list. This is a list of Dutch women’s magazine “VIVA” with 400 women who excel in their field of work.

The portrait can be watched HERE and will be broadcasted again on Monday august 15 on channel NET5, at the following hours: 17.45, 21.15, 00.00 and 01.00 h.

Net5 - VIVA400 On The Move

Pictures made by Ginette Lavell / at the Flamenco Festival Rotterdam, 25-06-2016. We played our performance “A Flor de Piel” with Jordi Rodriguez (guitar), Udo Demandt (percussion) and Agustín Cabrera (dance).

Television program “De Nieuwe Wereld” (NPO2) asked Luna to make a Spanish version of the Dutch classic “Iedereen is van de wereld“. So she translated the lyrics and forged the piece into the musical form “tanguillos”. Guitar: Jordi Rodriguez. Percussion: Udo Demandt.

The recording can be watched HERE.

2 Todo El Mundo Es Del Mundo-5 (youtube)

In this episode of television program “De Nieuwe Wereld” (“The New World”), Luna sings one of her own pieces and also a Spanish version of the Dutch classic “Iedereen is van de wereld” (“Everybody is from this world”).

This programa asked Luna to perform a Spanish interpretation of this piece, so she translated the lyrics into a Spanish poetic form and she transformed the music into a “tanguillo”, one of the styles that in flamenco is often being used to sing about happy affairs.

The great musicians Jordi Rodriguez Rodriguez and Udo Demandt accompany Luna in these songs. Gracias fenómenos!


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It would be nice to hear from you and to stay in touch! 😀

Aankondiging De Reünie - facebook

On Sunday night 10th of April, Luna will be one of the guests in Dutch television program “De Reünie” (“The Reunion”). The camera followed her during rehearsals and one of her concerts with the “Entre Dos Mundos” show.

The program will be broadcasted on Sunday, april 10th, at 8.20 p.m. (local time) on Dutch national canal NPO1. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE after April 10th.

Luna & Patrick Lodiers

Last Friday we played “Entre Dos Mundos” in the concert series of (in)Fusión Flamenca, thanks to my fantastic band and a wonderful audience it was a great evening! Thanks everyone! 🙂

Title song “Entre Dos Mundos” (music & lyrics by Luna) is now online on Youtube.

With the wonderful Mélodie Gimard on piano!

Luna sings her story about the two worlds between which she navegates.

Television station “Omroep Brabant” recorded an item about Luna, visiting her village of birth (Overloon) with her, where she grew up surrounded by trees and forest.

This reportage was recorded around various concerts during the theatre festival “Best of the Fest” in Parktheater Eindhoven, for which theatre programmer Mons de Goede invited Luna. This year, the theme of the festival is the music and theatre based in Catalonia.

Click HERE to see the video on the website of Omroep Brabant with more explanation about Luna’s story (in Dutch), or just watch the video below:

Theatre festival “Best of the Fest”, one of The Netherlands’ most exciting theatre festivals, has invited Luna to perform in the Parktheater in Eindhoven which was chosen as Theatre of the Year 2014 in The Netherlands last January!

Luna will play her own pieces from “Entre Dos Mundos“, her graduation concert in Barcelona last June, together with Jordi Rodriguez (flamenco guitar) and Udo Demandt (percussion).

Our first concert that day is at 6.00 p.m. and we play a second concert at 9.45 p.m.

All information about our concerts can be found HERE.

ConciertoLuna-74 cropped

Dutch national television news program “EEN VANDAAG” features Luna with an interview and live singing, with her guitarist Jordi Rodriguez.

Click HERE or click on the pictures below to watch the video.

IMG_8265 IMG_8268 IMG_8272 IMG_8284

Luna’s CROWDFUNDING campagne voor de opnames van haar eerste cd is gestart!

Graag wil ik de stukken die ik heb geschreven voor mijn eindexamenvoorstelling gaan opnemen op cd. Het zijn allemaal stukken met tekst en muziek van mijzelf die ik, geïnspireerd door verschillende stijlen binnen de flamencozang, heb geschreven.

Op de website van Voor De Kunst, het crowdfundingsplatform, is te vinden hoe dit werkt.

In ruil voor een bijdrage aan de opnames van mijn cd krijg je iets leuks terug, variërend van de cd die er gaat komen of een zangworkshop tot een huiskamerconcert of een wandeltour door muzikaal Barcelona.

Je kiest zelf het bedrag dat je graag wilt doneren. Met elke bijdrage ben ik hartstikke blij!

Kijk op Daar staan ook alle dingen toegelicht die je terug kunt krijgen als dank voor je donatie.

Hartelijk dank voor je bijdrage en hopelijk tot ziens bij een concert! 😀

webIMG_1245 (Luna bloemen)

Thursday 18-6-2015: 

Luna will perform in the concert “Gran Conjunto”, directed by Huelva-born but Sevilla-based flamenco composer and guitarist Juan Carlos Romero. He wrote music for many flamenco greats, like Enrique Morente, Carmen Linares or Miguel Poveda.

One of Luna’s own compositions, “Hacia la luz” (“Towards the light”), will be performed by Luna, playing with various colleagues on guitar, electric bass, percussion, saxophone and background vocals. In the same concert, Luna will also cooperate with some of her fellow “flamencos”, singing background vocals with them.

Where: Auditori del “Design Hub”, Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37, Barcelona.

We start at 19.00 h. and the entrance is free! 😀


Sunday 7th of June:

After 5 intense years of studying flamenco song at the Conservatory “ESMUC” in Barcelona, I will finish my second conservatory career with a concert fully consisting of my own compositions (lyrics & music).

I will be acompanied by Jordi Rodriguez (flamenco guitar), Alejandro Tamayo (electric & double bass), Lucas Balbo (percussion), Miguel Royo (saxophone), Mélodie Gimard (piano), Nuria Martín (violin), Jorge Mesa “El Pirata & Cristina López (background vocals) and last but not least flamenco dancer Susana Escoda.

I’ld love to welcome you all to this concert with very personal songs about my life, in flamenco form but with a modern touch.

See the poster below for all the practical information.

Thank you all for your presence and support! 😀 

Poster Luna 7-6-2015 banner


Luna is invited to sing in “Amor Brujo”, Manuel de Falla’s masterpiece for orchestra and flamenco voice. She will also perform some “cante flamenco” embedded in the concert.

The concert takes place in Barcelona’s wonderful venue “L’Auditori”, sala 3 Tete Montoliu, at 19.00 h. The address is C/Padilla 155, Barcelona.

See the concert program below.

El Amor Brujo @ Auditori - programa p.2 (jpg) El Amor Brujo @ Auditori - programa p.3 (jpg)


Saturday 25-10-2014 Luna will sing in the crypt of Gaudí’s world famous “Basílica de la Sagrada Familia”, a magical place to perform.

The concert will be a journey between Andalucian and Indian sounds, connected by an acoustic guitar.

See the poster below for more information, or check my concert agenda.

Luna sings at the crypt of the Sagrada Familia. Music somewhere between India and Andalucía
Luna sings at the crypt of the Sagrada Familia. Music somewhere between India and Andalucía

Luna sings @ Peña flamenca Los Aficionaos

Saturday 22 of March, Luna sings classic flamenco repertoire at the Peña flamenca “Los Aficionados” (Cornella de Llobregat, Barcelona). Click HERE for more information.

Luna and Carolina will give their best in a 2-part female flamenco recital, and we have the pleasure to be acompanied by Juan Antonio Ruiz España a la guitarra. Come and join for a song and a drink among “aficionados del flamenco”! We will start around 22.00 p.m. Hope to see you then! :-D

Sueño contigo y con la mente libre,
No hace falta decir que te camelo

Yo te miro y tu me miras,
Nuestros ojos prenden fuego que provoca el deshielo
Que provoca el deshielo
Que provoca el deshielo

Los dos sabemos que a veces tenemos magia
El amor es un misterio
Igual que el cielo da la luna
Igual que el cielo da la luna, da la luna


FROM WITHIN  (Music: Michel Camilo / Lyrics: Luna Zegers)

Early morning I awake from deepest slumber
Am I awake or am I still in a dreamland?
The world is sleeping still
There´s no sign of thrill or wonder
But I catch a glimpse of what is yet to come

And as I linger there awaiting something
That hasn´t happened yet but I can feel it coming
The sun breaks through the clouds
Light of hope that brings new morning
Suddenly I see a way within the void

And then…
As an invisible hand removes the veil of dullness
The gods of light and darkness seem to play an open game
Day breaks though the night
Lighting up a sea of chances
Where there was a wall is now an open door

I only have to reach for what I thought was on the outside
But it turns out it´s inside of me

Faith in life´s destination
Trust and anticipation
All I need is just begin
Because the message comes from within

Luna soleada

I Carry All Of You In Me  (music & lyrics: Luna Zegers, June 2010)

Often things ain’t what they look like
And they’re far off from what you expect
Although it may be questioned what it is
That gives me ground to expect something
From who, from what?

So whenever things in life don’t go like
You think they are supposed to have their run
It it human nature to go wonder for the reasons and the rhymes
The why, the what

They say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”
But what happens in between makes you so weak
Anxiety and despair are the perfect pair
Making me believe that it’s all over
Trust is far away and even ’till today
On my darkest days I am alone

I Carry All Of You In Me
I remember every moment when my hope was smashed to pieces
And every time there was less left to lose
I Carry All Of You In Me
All the heartache and the sorrow, all the waiting for tomorrow
Maybe then I would have paid all my dues

One illness came, sat at our table
Ate the food and drank the wine
An unwelcome guest having a good time
Taking twice a life that would still unfold

His job done, he changed faces with another
But the third time it was a hit and run
Leaving me with nothing but the silence of a smoking battlefield
My heart turned cold

Long years of darkness then enclosed me
It seemed I had no future, just a past
Things came to an end, or at least that’s how it felt
Making me believe that it’s all over
Missing what I lost, learning ’bout the cost
Of a life lived in the heart of time

I Carry All Of You In Me
Contrasting youthful innocence with loneliness and bitterness
My truth made that day turned to night
I Carry All Of You In Me
But there were pieces of tomorrow that were no longer drowned in sorrow
I was starting to see some light

One day I could suddenly see a color
It was the deep red of a blooming rose
For years I had been living in all different shades of grey
And than it struck me: I felt alive!

One sensation then led to another
And old memories started coming back
Images of when we were a happy family
With all the aspects of love and trust

They say what belongs to you, you can’t lose it
For the first time in my life that felt so real
You gave me all you got, and god knows it was a lot
Openness and tenderness and freedom
Music filled my heart right there from the start
Giving me the joy to be alive

I Carry All Of You In Me
All your brightness and your colors
All your wishes for tomorrow
And there is nothing that keeps us apart
I Carry All Of You In Me
In the end I am the luckiest of all because I keep you in my heart

Now that I am one.