From Within (lyrics by Luna)

FROM WITHIN  (Music: Michel Camilo / Lyrics: Luna Zegers)

Early morning I awake from deepest slumber
Am I awake or am I still in a dreamland?
The world is sleeping still
There´s no sign of thrill or wonder
But I catch a glimpse of what is yet to come

And as I linger there awaiting something
That hasn´t happened yet but I can feel it coming
The sun breaks through the clouds
Light of hope that brings new morning
Suddenly I see a way within the void

And then…
As an invisible hand removes the veil of dullness
The gods of light and darkness seem to play an open game
Day breaks though the night
Lighting up a sea of chances
Where there was a wall is now an open door

I only have to reach for what I thought was on the outside
But it turns out it´s inside of me

Faith in life´s destination
Trust and anticipation
All I need is just begin
Because the message comes from within

Luna soleada

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