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Television special | Kruispunt (Dutch national television)


Kruispunt reportage Luna

Dutch television program “Kruispunt” (Crossroad) made a portrait of Luna, in which she tells about how music is her source of joy and solace. You can watch the program here.

Television special | De Reünie (Dutch national television)


Dutch television program “De Reünie” (The Reunion) made a short documentary about Luna’s reasons to sing and about how she developed herself in both personal and musical terms. You can watch just the short report on Luna’s story or you can watch the whole episode.

Television special | Een Vandaag (Dutch national television)


Dutch television current affairs program Een Vandaag reports about Luna’s story about music, love and loss (in Dutch).
(short documentary & Luna singing live)

Television special |



Luna Zegers: First foreigner to take on the Flamenco
Flamenco artist Luna Zegers, originally from the Netherlands, is the first (and still only) foreigner ever graduated in flamenco singing from the ESMUC Conservatory in Barcelona. It is the first place in the world that offers this musical career on a university level. Luna will release her debut album in 2016.

Largest European online news television network Zoomin.TV made a special about Luna. Watch the youtube video HERE

Television special | Omroep Brabant


Dutch television item about Luna in her village of birth with footage from Luna’s concerts during theatre festival Best of the Fest:

‘In de flamencozang van Luna Zegers klinkt familieverdriet uit Overloon’

September 2015: Luna performs at theatre festival “Best of the Fest: Catalunya” at Parktheater Eindhoven (Netherlands), a festival that aims to show a selection of the best European theatre performances of 2015.

For more information in English about Luna’s concert, click HEREor watch this video announcement of the festival with some more footage of Luna (from minute 1’17 on).

Various media wrote about it, among them Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, and the Catalan regional govenment (Generalitat) gave out a press note about it.

The reactions of the audience were positive:

Reacties publiek Parktheater 3-9-2015

Newspaper anouncement | La Vanguardia


La creatividad catalana protagoniza el festival de teatro holandés Best of the Fest
Read the article here

Anouncement festival “Best of the Fest” |


Set companyies catalanes protagonitzen el festival ‘Best of the Fest’ a Eindhoven
Read the anouncement here

Press release | Generalitat de Catalunya


El festival de teatre holandès Best of the Fest estarà íntegrament dedicat a la creativitat catalana
Read the press release here

Concert anouncement |


Luna (groen) + gente copy

Spanish website “” published an article about the concert series “Poco ruido y mucho duende“, hosted by flamenco singer Mayte Martín. Luna sang several times in these concerts.

Read the article in PDFMayte Martín presenta Gran Conjunto Flamenco 2011.

Concert review | Het Parool


Dutch national newspaper “Het Parool” wrote a review of a Radio Luna concert, mentioning Luna’s “beautiful, clear voice” and the amount of musical treats with which they surprised the audience. See the article below.

Review in Dutch newspaper "Parool" about "Radio Luna"

Master-talent concert series

Dutch guitar player Eric Vaarzon Morel, well-known both for his flamenco guitar playing as for the ease with which he plays “cross-overs” with musicians from other styles, invited Luna in a series of concerts called “Master-talent Series”. In this series, a famous Dutch “maestro” invites a promising young talent to perform together, presenting this still unknown talent who, according to the “master”, deserves a bigger audience.

Master-talentreeks 1 Master-talent-serie 2


Article | LINDA. Magazine


LINDA 144 artikel Luna Zegers, p.1 (jpg)LINDA 144 artikel Luna Zegers, p.2 (jpg)

“I no longer feel guilty that I’m alive”

Read the article in PDF: LINDA 144 artikel Luna Zegers

Article | KRO-NCRV “Spoorloos” Magazine


“When I sing I feel strong”

KRO-NCRV Spoorloos Magazine - Luna De Reünie (1) KRO-NCRV Spoorloos Magazine - Luna De Reünie (2)

Read the article in PDF: KRO-NCRV Spoorloos Magazine – Luna De Reünie

Article | Magazine “ESpanje”


“Het Barcelona van Luna Zegers”

ESpanje Luna Zegers (p.1)ESpanje Luna Zegers (p.2)

Interview | Metropolitan Magazine (article in English)


Metropolitan Magazine Barcelona published an article about Luna, her story and her musical journeys (article in English).

To read the article online, click on the picture below, or to read as PDF, click here: Metropolitan Barcelona (Rachel Huffman)

Metropolitan Barcelona (Rachel Huffman)

June 2015: After Luna’s graduation from the prestigious conservatory “ESMUC” in Barcelona in flamenco singing, various media published about Luna. A selection of links and articles below.

Interview | NRC Next


‘Goede zang doet pijn’
HERE you can read the interview online

NRC Next - Goede zang doet pijn
NRC Next – Goede zang doet pijn

Newspaper article | Algemeen Dagblad


AD - Luna (square)
Nederlandse is eerste buitenlandse gediplomeerde flamencozangeres
HERE you can read the article online and here in PDF format: AD – Luna’s oerschreeuw voor haar gestorven vader, moeder en zus

Interview | Trouw


Trouw 8-6-2015 - Ik had behoefte aan een oerschreeuw

‘Ik had behoefte aan een oerschreeuw’
Read the interview on the Trouw website .

Article | Het Parool


Amsterdamse eerste niet-Spaanse afgestudeerde flamencozangeres
Read the article on the Parool website.

Reportage | Telegraaf


De Telegraaf - Ik herkende enorme pijn

‘Ik herkende enorme pijn”

Read the interview online on the Telegraaf website or read the PDF of the interview: De Telegraaf – Ik herkende enorme pijn

Interview | Barbarus


Luna interview Barbarus

Online cultural magazine Barbarus interviewed Luna about her views on music and (flamenco) culture
Read the article here

Interview | L’ESMUC Digital (article in Catalan)

October 2015

Luna L'Esmuc Digital

“El flamenco em serveix per sentir-me viva, per canalitzar el dol i valorar tot el que tinc”  Read the interview online here

Interview & live music | NPO Radio 1 Met Het Oog Op Morgen


Leading Dutch radio 1-program “Met het oog op morgen” (With a view to tomorrow) invited Luna to tell about her book “SOLO” that is being published this week. Together with flamenco guitarist Vicente Santiago, Luna also sings a piece of her album “Entre Dos Mundos”.

Foto Luna & Vicente radio1

Radio special | NPO Radio 1 journaal


This national radio news program followed Luna on her day of graduation during sound check and her concert, during which she performed her own compositions of her show “Entre Dos Mundos” for the first time.

Luna Zegers vond in flamenco de oerschreeuw voor haar verdriet
HERE you can listen to the radio report

Live | NPO radio 1 Kunststof (national Dutch radio)


Radio program “Kunststof” (“Food for Art”) invited Luna to be the guest of the week in this talk show, interviewing her during a full hour. In this episode, Luna also sings two pieces live in the studio, accompanied by guitarist Arturo Ramón.

Kunststof foto2

Luna Zegers – flamencozangeres
HERE you can listen to the episode with Luna

Radio BNN op 3FM |”Frank” (Dutch national radio)


This radio station that aims at young people interviewed Luna, and Frank, the host of the program, asks her to sing something live in the show.

De allereerste Flamencozangeres van Nederland: HERE you can listen to the fragment

Interview | NPO radio 1 Dit is de dag (Dutch national radio)


‘Flamenco heeft mijn leven weer kleur gegeven’
HERE you can listen to the program

Interview radio | Omroep Brabant


Short interview with Luna on the day after her graduation at the conservatory “ESMUC” in Barcelona in the career of flamenco song

Here you can listen to the fragment

Radio | NCRV Plein 5


Radio | Amsterdam FM


Luna Zegers zingt als eerste niet-Spaanse flamencomuziek
HERE you can listen to the fragment

Radio | RTvNH


NH Lunchroom

Article | Dutch newspaper “De Gelderlander”


Article about Luna and her flamenco studies at the conservatory “ESMUC”, during one of her weekly performances in a restaurant in Barcelona.

Luna @ Gelderlander 7-4-2014

To read the article in PDF format, click HERE

Article | Magazine “Viva España”

October 2009

Article about Luna and her reasons to study flamenco singing

Viva España pag1 Viva España pag2 (foto)

Viva España pag3 Viva España pag4

To read in PDF format: Click HERE