Dutch television channel NET5 recently broadcasted a small portrait of Luna because of her 5th place on the “VIVA400” list. This is a list of Dutch women’s magazine “VIVA” with 400 women who excel in their field of work.

The portrait can be watched HERE and will be broadcasted again on Monday august 15 on channel NET5, at the following hours: 17.45, 21.15, 00.00 and 01.00 h.

Net5 - VIVA400 On The Move

Television program “De Nieuwe Wereld” (NPO2) asked Luna to make a Spanish version of the Dutch classic “Iedereen is van de wereld“. So she translated the lyrics and forged the piece into the musical form “tanguillos”. Guitar: Jordi Rodriguez. Percussion: Udo Demandt.

The recording can be watched HERE.

2 Todo El Mundo Es Del Mundo-5 (youtube)

In this episode of television program “De Nieuwe Wereld” (“The New World”), Luna sings one of her own pieces and also a Spanish version of the Dutch classic “Iedereen is van de wereld” (“Everybody is from this world”).

This programa asked Luna to perform a Spanish interpretation of this piece, so she translated the lyrics into a Spanish poetic form and she transformed the music into a “tanguillo”, one of the styles that in flamenco is often being used to sing about happy affairs.

The great musicians Jordi Rodriguez Rodriguez and Udo Demandt accompany Luna in these songs. Gracias fenómenos!


On Sunday night 10th of April, Luna will be one of the guests in Dutch television program “De Reünie” (“The Reunion”). The camera followed her during rehearsals and one of her concerts with the “Entre Dos Mundos” show.

The program will be broadcasted on Sunday, april 10th, at 8.20 p.m. (local time) on Dutch national canal NPO1. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE after April 10th.

Luna & Patrick Lodiers

Television station “Omroep Brabant” recorded an item about Luna, visiting her village of birth (Overloon) with her, where she grew up surrounded by trees and forest.

This reportage was recorded around various concerts during the theatre festival “Best of the Fest” in Parktheater Eindhoven, for which theatre programmer Mons de Goede invited Luna. This year, the theme of the festival is the music and theatre based in Catalonia.

Click HERE to see the video on the website of Omroep Brabant with more explanation about Luna’s story (in Dutch), or just watch the video below:

Dutch national television news program “EEN VANDAAG” features Luna with an interview and live singing, with her guitarist Jordi Rodriguez.

Click HERE or click on the pictures below to watch the video.

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