Jaleando – workshop

Flamenco Barcelona, Carrer Progrés 38 (Gràcia)

7:00 PM

Workshop "Jaleando" with singer Luna Zegers, dancer Lucero Cárdenas and guitarist Jero Férec, teaching about bulerías and tangos flamencos

Jaleando is a playful workshop with live musicians in which you will be taught the structure of different flamenco styles in a practical and interactive way. In this fourth edition we’ll dive into the styles “tangos” and “bulerías”.

Artists: Luna Zegers al cante, Jero Férec al toque y Lucero Cárdenas al baile.

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Cartel taller Jaleando 6-1-2016

Venue Details

Flamenco Barcelona, Carrer Progrés 38 (Gràcia)