Luna sings on NPO2 (Dutch television)

NPO2, Hilversum, Netherlands

11:30 AM

Luna sings one of her own pieces and a Spanish version of a Dutch classic in television program "De Nieuwe Wereld" ("The New World")

Luna sings “Te Acostumbraste”, one of her own pieces that tells about about how easily we get used to certain situations, both difficult and nice ones.

At the end of the program she sings her version of Dutch hit song “Iedereen is van de wereld” (Everybody is of this world”), forged into a poetic Spanish translation by Luna and changed into the flamenco rhythm of ‘tanguillos”.

Luna is accompanied by two great musicians: flamenco guitarist Jordi Rodriguez and percussionist Udo Demandt.

Venue Details

NPO2, Hilversum, Netherlands